As I’ve found myself getting more and more into bicycling for fun and transportation, I became frustrated at the lack of resources on the internet for Kalispell and the Flathead Valley in general. There’s so many great rides, but so little information on the web. That in mind, it seemed an interactive site cataloging that and more would be a valuable resource, and that’s just what I hope to achieve with biketheflathead.com.

I don’t envision that site going live until sometime in spring (April or May?), but thought I could gauge the interest in such a venture by starting with the blogging here. Well, that and make myself look good and crazy by chronicling my first winter of bike commuting while I get everything put together.

A bit about myself: I’m no pro, I don’t have a $5k bike, and not even in that great of shape right now. And no, I don’t bike because I got a DUI (for the record I most certainly did NOT) or anything crazy like that. Instead, biking has been a lifelong passion since my grandparents got me that crappy orange Stingray knockoff from Sears way back when I was 6 or so.

For the site, I plan on writing about the following: bike advocacy, commuting, races/events/group rides, amongst other topics. Further, I plan on offering an interactive list of rides (both on and off road), that can be added, rated, mapped, and commented on by the site’s users (as well as being added by myself). An event calendar, and forums are also in the works. I have a pretty good framework put together that I think will make this a pretty nice project, but have quite a bit of work left.

And with that I’d like to issue a call for assistance, collaboration, coding help, and what-not. If you’re interested, please comment here or contact me via email.


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