Where Not To Shop? Rosauers


It’s a rare sight to see a nice bike rack at, well, any business here in the Flathead Valley. Then again, this isn’t exactly the most bike friendly locale. Take Missoula for example (an outlier, I know) and you can’t hardly walk downtown and not find a bike rack full of bikes. Our downtown? Cue the crickets.

And that’s exactly why I find it refreshing that my favorite grocery store (Rosauers), not only has a rack, but a damn nice one.

Great, so what’s the problem? A big cold one–that damn nice rack is completely covered in snow/ice.

I’ve talked to various clerks and managers there, I’ve sent several comment cards to corporate, and Monday finally had occasion to talk to the store manager, Tom Sullivan. His resolution? Zilch.

I was advised that the rack is so covered snow/ice that the only solution is to wait for it to melt off sometime this spring.

My solution? Shop somewhere else. Too bad, I’ve been shopping at Rosauers ever since I moved to the valley in 1993.

Tom Sullivan can be contacted at (406) 755-5088.


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