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Nothing more exciting than watching a truck travelling 25+ mph sliding sideways on ice at you, and that’s exactly what heppened last night on my way to the grocery store. I don’t know if the guy in the truck was goofing around or what, but he came a mere 2 feet from me, passed me, […]

On Commuting


This winter for a whole batch of reasons I’ve just not been able to manage bicycling to work more than driving. This week I pulled off 2 out of 5 days. Disappointing personally to say the least. One thing I’ve noticed, however, it that the days I do ride tend to be those with the […]

Mystery Ice


Biking in the winter? Generally more exciting than regular old clear road riding, even with the Nokian snow tires. After the big snow right around New Year’s, we had a warm spell leaving random (and very solid) bit of ice on the roadway. All and good if you spot and navigate appropriately, however this week […]

It looks like winter is winding down here. Sure, there will be plenty more snow days (it’s snowing as I type), but the bulk of accumulation in the valley bottom is either gone down stream or collected in one of those nice big puddles I have to navigate. I keep meaning to type up some […]

I’ve been off my bike for the most part since Christmas, as I managed to acquire a pretty nasty head cold. Since then we’re had a decent amount of snowfall, and what with the holidays, the roads haven’t been plowed nearly as well as one might expect. Rather, the snow’s been allowed to pack in […]